Yellowtail is a type of amberjack with a yellow tail fin, while yellowfin is a species of tuna with distinctive yellow fins on its back and tail.

TL;DR Yellowtail Fish Vs. Yellowfin Fish

Yellowtail fish, also known as amberjack or hamachi, is typically found in warmer waters and has a milder flavor compared to yellowfin. It is prized for its tender flesh and delicate texture. Yellowtail is commonly used in sushi and sashimi dishes due to its clean taste.

Yellowfin tuna is a larger species of tuna that inhabits tropical and subtropical oceans. Its meat has a rich flavor with a slightly stronger taste than yellowtail. Yellowfin is often preferred for grilling or searing because of its firm texture.

Yellowtail Fish

picture of a yellow tail fish

Yellowtail fish, also known as Seriola lalandi or amberjack, is a prized catch that can be found in both saltwater and brackish environments. With its sleek body and vibrant golden hue, this fish is a favorite among anglers and seafood lovers alike.

One of the key characteristics of yellowtail is its robust flavor profile. Its meaty texture and rich taste make it perfect for various culinary preparations such as grilling, baking, or even sashimi. The flesh of the yellowtail boasts a delicate balance between sweet and savory notes that tantalize the taste buds.

In terms of appearance, yellowtail fish has a streamlined shape with an elongated body that tapers towards the tail. Its coloration can vary from pale yellow to deep gold depending on factors such as diet and habitat. Additionally, yellowtail sports distinctive dark stripes along its sides which add to its visual appeal.

When it comes to size, yellowtail can grow up to three feet in length and weigh anywhere between 20-40 pounds. This makes it an impressive catch for avid fishermen seeking out thrilling battles on their fishing expeditions.

Known for their remarkable speed and agility in the water, catching yellowtail requires skillful angling techniques. They are known to put up quite a fight once hooked! So if you’re planning on reeling one in, be prepared for some action-packed moments!

In addition to being deliciously versatile in the kitchen and providing an exhilarating fishing experience, Yellowtail fish also offers several health benefits due to its high content of omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fats contribute to heart health by reducing inflammation and promoting brain function.

Yellowfin Fish

picture of a yellowfin fish

Yellowfin Fish, also known as Thunnus albacares, is a species of tuna that can be found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. These fish are highly migratory and have a sleek and streamlined body shape, which allows them to swim at fast speeds.

One distinct feature of Yellowfin Fish is their unique coloring. They have a metallic blue-black back with yellow on their sides and belly. This vibrant coloration helps them blend into their surroundings while hunting for prey or evading predators.

Another important characteristic of Yellowfin Fish is their size. On average, they can grow up to 6-7 feet long and weigh between 100-200 pounds. However, some specimens have been recorded weighing over 400 pounds! Their impressive size makes them popular among sport fishermen who enjoy the challenge of reeling in these powerful creatures.

In terms of diet, Yellowfin Fish are voracious predators that feed on a variety of prey including smaller fish like mackerel and sardines, as well as squid and crustaceans. They use their sharp teeth to capture their prey efficiently.

Yellowfin Fish are prized for both commercial fishing purposes and recreational angling due to their delicious taste and firm texture. They are commonly used in sushi dishes such as sashimi or served grilled or seared for a flavorful meal option.

Yellowtail Fish Vs. Yellowfin Fish – Key differences

AspectYellowtail FishYellowfin Fish
TaxonomyAmberjack species (Seriola)Tuna species (Thunnus albacares)
FinsYellow tail finYellow fins on the back and tail
HabitatCoastal and offshore watersPredominantly offshore in tropical waters
SizeVariable, species-dependentGenerally larger, can reach significant sizes
ColorationOlive to yellowish-green back, silver sidesDark metallic blue-black back, silver sides
FlavorMild and slightly sweetRich, flavorful, and often preferred in sushi
Common UsePopular in both Japanese and Western cuisinesHighly valued in sushi, sashimi, and grilling
Popular SpeciesYellowtail Amberjack (Seriola lalandi)Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares)
Mercury ContentModerateModerate to high depending on size and age

Yellowtail Fish Vs. Yellowfin Fish – Physical appearance and characteristics

Yellowtail Fish:


Belongs to the amberjack family, with the scientific name Seriola.


  • Characterized by a prominent yellow tail fin.


  • Found in both coastal and offshore waters.


  • Variable in size, depending on the specific species.


  • Olive to yellowish-green on the back, with silver sides.


  • Offers a mild and slightly sweet flavor.

Common Use:

  • Popular in both Japanese and Western cuisines, often served as sushi or sashimi.

Yellowfin Fish:


  • Belongs to the tuna family, with the scientific name Thunnus albacares.


Notable for yellow fins on the back and tail.


  • Predominantly found offshore in tropical waters.


  • Generally larger than yellowtail and can reach significant sizes.


  • Dark metallic blue-black on the back, with silver sides.


  • Yellowfin tuna is rich, flavorful, and often preferred in sushi.

Common Use:

Highly valued in sushi and sashimi, also popular for grilling and other culinary applications.


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