Skateboarding involves shorter boards for tricks and stunts, while longboarding uses longer boards for cruising and downhill riding.

TL;DR Skateboarding Vs. Longboarding

Skateboarding is known for its versatility and technical tricks, often performed in skate parks or urban environments. With a shorter deck and smaller wheels, skateboarders can easily navigate tight turns and perform impressive aerial maneuvers. It’s a sport beloved by thrill-seekers who enjoy pushing their limits and mastering complex tricks.

Longboarding provides a more relaxed and fluid riding experience. With longer decks and larger wheels, longboarders have greater stability at higher speeds, making it ideal for transportation or cruising along scenic routes. Longboards also come in different shapes designed for specific styles like downhill racing or freeriding.

What is Skateboarding

picture of a man skateboarding

Skateboarding involves riding a skateboard and performing various tricks and maneuvers on ramps, rails, or street obstacles. From kickflips to ollies and grinds to slides, skaters push the boundaries of what’s possible on four wheels.

What sets skateboarding apart is its emphasis on individual style and personal expression. Each skater brings their unique flair to the sport through their choice of tricks, stance, clothing style, and even music preferences.

Skate parks are like playgrounds for skateboarders – vibrant spaces filled with ramps, bowls, halfpipes where skaters can showcase their skills or simply have fun with friends.

What is and Longboarding?

picture of people longboarding

Longboarding involves riding on a longer and wider board compared to the traditional skateboard. The design of the longboard allows for greater stability and makes it easier to maintain balance while cruising or performing tricks.

One key feature of longboarding is its versatility. Whether you want to cruise down hills, carve through streets, or dance on your board, there is a style of longboarding that suits your preferences. Longboards are known for their smooth ride and ability to handle different terrains with ease.

Unlike skateboarding which focuses more on technical tricks and flips, longboarding emphasizes fluid motions and stylish movements. It offers a more relaxed approach to skating, allowing riders to enjoy the journey rather than constantly pushing themselves for new tricks.

Another difference between skateboarding and longboarding lies in their respective communities. Skateboarders tend to congregate at skate parks where they can practice their skills together. On the other hand, longboarders often explore various urban landscapes looking for spots that offer unique terrain challenges.

Skateboarding Vs. Longboarding – Key differences

Board SizeShorter boards, typically 28 to 33 inches in lengthLonger boards, often 36 to 60 inches or more
Board ShapeVaried shapes, often with a double kicktail for tricksMostly symmetrical shape for stability and ease of pushing
Wheel SizeSmaller wheels for agility and tricksLarger, softer wheels for stability and smooth rides
Riding StyleFocused on tricks, flips, and technical maneuversPrimarily cruising, downhill, carving, and sliding
TerrainVersatile for street and skatepark useSuited for varied terrains, especially hills and open roads
SpeedGenerally lower speeds due to shorter boardsHigher speeds, especially in downhill riding
TricksEmphasizes ollies, kickflips, grinds, and aerial tricksFewer technical tricks; focus on slides, carving, and downhill control
TrucksUsually narrower and more responsiveWider trucks for stability and control
Riding ExperienceIntense and dynamic, with rapid changes in directionSmooth, stable, and flowing, with a focus on carving and sliding
Skill LevelRequires advanced balance and skill for tricksSuitable for beginners and experienced riders; skill level varies

Skateboarding Vs. Longboarding –  Equipment and Gear Differences

Skateboarding Equipment and Gear

  • Board Size and Shape: Skateboards are shorter, typically ranging from 28 to 33 inches in length. They often have a double kicktail design, allowing for tricks and stunts.
  • Wheels: Skateboard wheels are relatively small, usually in the range of 49mm to 54mm. They are harder for better performance in tricks and street skating.
  • Trucks: Skateboard trucks are narrower and more responsive, offering greater maneuverability. They are designed for quick turns and tricks.
  • Grip Tape: Skateboards are equipped with grip tape on the deck’s surface, providing traction for the rider’s feet during tricks and maneuvers.
  • Riding Style: Skateboarding emphasizes tricks, flips, grinds, and technical maneuvers. Riders often use skateparks, streets, and urban environments for their activities.

Longboarding Equipment and Gear

  • Board Size and Shape: Longboards are longer, typically ranging from 36 to 60 inches or more. They have a symmetrical shape for stability and ease of pushing.
  • Wheels: Longboard wheels are larger and softer, typically between 65mm and 75mm in diameter. These wheels provide a smooth ride, good grip, and the ability to handle various terrains.
  • Trucks: Longboard trucks are wider and more stable, offering better control and stability at higher speeds. They are designed for cruising and downhill riding.
  • Grip Tape: Longboards may or may not have grip tape, depending on the rider’s preference. Some longboards have clear grip tape or designs on the deck.
  • Riding Style: Longboarding focuses on cruising, downhill racing, carving, and sliding. It offers a smoother and more stable riding experience, often on hills and open roads.


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