A pitch shot is typically used when you have a longer distance to the hole and need more loft to get the ball over obstacles. A chip shot is generally used for shorter distances, as it requires less loft and runs along the ground more.

The Pitch Shot

The biggest difference is in how the ball is hit. A pitch shot is hit with a descending blow, using an abbreviated backswing and follow-through. This creates more backspin on the ball, which causes it to stop more quickly once it hits the ground.

Pitch Shot: A pitch shot is usually played when the ball is sitting up on a small mound or hill. The idea is to hit the ball with a high trajectory so that it will land softly on the green. This shot requires more precision than power, so it’s important to take your time and make sure you make good contact with the ball.

The Chip Shot

Chip Shot: A chip shot is typically played when the ball is sitting close to the ground, such as right next to the fringe or in a greenside bunker. The goal is to get the ball up in the air quickly so that it will have a little roll once it hits the ground. This shot requires less power than a pitch shot, but more precision is still needed to execute it properly.

A chip shot is hit with a sweeping motion and minimal backspin. The goal is to get the ball rolling along the ground as quickly as possible.

How to play a pitch shot and chip shot

When it comes to making a pitch shot, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, you want to make sure that you have a good grip on the club and that your stance is comfortable. Second, you’ll want to take a practice swing or two before you actually hit the ball. This will help you get a feel for the shot and ensure that you’re making contact with the ball in the right spot. Finally, when you’re ready to hit the ball, make sure to use a smooth, fluid motion and follow through with your swing.

When hitting a chip shot, you don’t need to worry about following through with your swing. This is because the goal of a chip shot is simply to get the ball up and over any obstacles in your way, such as bunkers or water hazards. Second, you’ll want to make contact with the ball closer to its centre than you would for a pitch shot. This will help ensure that the ball doesn’t travel too far once it hits the ground. Finally, remember to use a shorter backswing when hitting a chip shot; this will help keep your shots consistent.

How to Choose the Right Shot

To decide which shot to use, consider the following factors:

– The distance to the hole: If you’re close to the hole, a chip shot will likely be your best option. If you’re further away, a pitch shot may be necessary.

– The lie of the ball: If your ball is sitting up nicely on the fairway, a pitch shot is probably your best bet. If your ball is buried in the rough or sitting on a downslope, a chip shot might be your only option.

– The wind conditions: If there’s any wind at all, it can affect both shots equally. But if there’s a strong crosswind, it can make a pitch shot much more difficult than a chip shot.

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