Courage is inner strength to confront fear, while bravery is acting despite fear. Both involve facing challenges with determination.

TL;DR Courage Vs. Bravery

TL;DR: Courage is the inner strength to confront fear and do what is right despite risks, while bravery is the fearlessness to act in the face of danger or difficulty. Both involve facing challenges with determination. Examples include speaking up against injustice, rescuing others, and taking bold actions to protect or help.

What is courage?

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Courage is the mental and emotional strength to face fear, danger, or difficulty, and take action even in the presence of uncertainty or risk. It involves overcoming obstacles and doing what is right, regardless of potential consequences.

Courage is often associated with bravery and moral fortitude, and it can manifest in various forms, such as standing up for one’s beliefs, facing personal fears, or defending others in times of need.

What is bravery?

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Bravery is the quality or behavior of being fearless and courageous in the face of danger, difficulty, or adversity. It involves taking bold and decisive action, even when one feels afraid or uncertain.

Bravery often requires a willingness to confront risks or challenges to protect oneself or others, uphold principles, or achieve a greater good.

Courage Vs. Bravery – Key differences

Mental and emotional strength to confront fear, danger, or difficulty.Fearless and courageous behavior in the face of danger or adversity.
Involves facing challenges and taking action despite uncertainty or risk.Requires being bold and decisive even when feeling afraid.
Often associated with moral fortitude and doing what is right.Involves confronting risks to protect oneself, others, or achieve a greater good.
Can manifest in various forms, such as standing up for beliefs or facing personal fears.Focuses on taking action in the presence of danger or difficulty.
Emphasizes overcoming obstacles and doing what is necessary, regardless of consequences.Stems from a willingness to confront risks or challenges with fearlessness.

Examples of courage and bravery

Examples of Courage

  • Speaking up against injustice despite potential backlash or consequences.
  • Facing a life-threatening illness with determination and a positive attitude.
  • Rescuing someone from a dangerous situation, risking personal safety.
  • Standing up to a bully to protect others from harm.
  • Pursuing a dream or goal despite uncertainties and doubts.
  • Admitting one’s mistakes and taking responsibility for them.
  • Challenging societal norms and advocating for change.
  • Enduring difficult circumstances with resilience and strength.
  • Facing and overcoming a deep-seated fear or phobia.
  • Defending one’s principles and values in the face of opposition.

Examples of Bravery

  • Firefighters rushing into a burning building to save lives.
  • Soldiers engaging in combat to protect their country and comrades.
  • A person confronting an armed assailant to protect others.
  • Deep-sea divers rescuing people from a sinking ship.
  • A surgeon performing a complex surgery, knowing the risks involved.
  • Someone speaking out against a powerful figure or authority.
  • Standing up to a dangerous animal to protect oneself or others.
  • An individual running into a dangerous situation to save a drowning person.
  • Explorers venturing into unknown territories and harsh environments.
  • Taking a significant personal risk to help others in need.

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