What is the difference between prohibited and forbidden

Prohibited refers to something that is not allowed by law, while forbidden refers to something that is not allowed by anyone.

Definition of prohibited

The term “prohibited” is often used to describe something that is not allowed or permitted. prohibited typically refers to something that is not allowed. For example, gambling is typically prohibited in many places but it may also be considered illegal. Prohibited can apply to both people and things. For example, you might say “smoking is prohibited in this building”

Definition of forbidden

“Forbidden” usually applies to people It generally is something that is not allowed,  In other words, if something is forbidden, it is not allowed under any circumstances.

Differences between prohibited and forbidden

A good example of a legally binding prohibition would be a law that prohibits smoking in public places. This type of prohibition is typically imposed by a government or other authority, and breaking it can result in punishment.

On the other hand, “forbidden” often describes things that are frowned upon by society but are not necessarily illegal. For instance, you might say that certain behaviours are “forbidden” in your workplace or your religion. But if someone breaks these kinds of prohibitions, they will not necessarily be punished by the law.

Examples of prohibited and forbidden activities

Many activities are prohibited or forbidden in different cultures and religions. Some of these activities include:

-entering certain places (e.g. temples, mosques, shrines)
-doing certain things (e.g. gambling, drinking alcohol)

The reason for these prohibitions vary depending on the culture or religion, but they typically involve either cultural or religious beliefs. For example, some people believe that eating pork is unclean, while others may believe that it is disrespectful to wear revealing clothing in a place of worship. Whatever the reason, it is important to respect the prohibitions of others even if you do not agree with them yourself.


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