A lecturer is typically a scholar who has not yet attained tenure at their institution, while a professor is a tenured faculty member. Lecturers are usually hired to teach specific courses, and they typically do not conduct research or lead departmental initiatives the way professors do. Professors, on the other hand, are considered to be leaders in their field and are expected to contribute new knowledge through research and writing.


A lecturer is a teacher at a college or university who gives lectures to students.


A professor is a teacher at a college or university who has the highest rank and teaches classes and conducts research.

Lecturer Vs. Professor – Key Difference

The main difference between a lecturer and a professor is that professors have more advanced research and teaching experience. Professors typically hold a terminal degree in their field, while lecturers may or may not. Professors also usually teach at colleges and universities, while lecturers can be found teaching at all levels, from primary schools to universities. In addition, professors typically have more institutional power than lecturers.

Qualifications for Lecturers and Professors

To become a lecturer, one typically needs to have a master’s degree or higher in their field of expertise. To become a professor, one typically needs to have a doctorate in their field of expertise. In addition, both positions usually require teaching experience.

Duties of Lecturers and Professors

Lecturers and professors play an important role in higher education institutions by teaching students and conducting research. While their roles overlap in many ways, there are some key differences between the two positions.

Lecturers typically have fewer responsibilities than professors. They may be responsible for teaching a few classes each semester, but they are not expected to conduct research or publish scholarly articles. In some cases, lecturers may also be responsible for providing student support outside of the classroom, such as leading study groups or serving on thesis committees.

Professors, on the other hand, have more responsibilities than lecturers. In addition to teaching classes and conducting research, professors are also expected to publish scholarly articles and participate in professional development activities. They may also be involved in administrative duties, such as serving on departmental committees or advising students.

Work Environment

Lecturers are typically found in college classrooms, while professors are usually found in research laboratories or teaching hospitals.

Lecturers typically have an easier workload than professors. They teach fewer hours per week and have more time to prepare their lectures. They also typically have fewer administrative duties than professors.

Professors, on the other hand, often have a heavier workload. They may teach more hours per week and have less time to prepare their lectures. They also often have more administrative duties, such as advising students and serving on committees.

The work environment of a lecturer is generally more relaxed than that of a professor. Lecturers typically don’t have to worry about research funding or publishing their work. Professors, on the other hand, often need to secure research funding and may need to publish their work to advance in their careers.

Salary of Lecturers and Professors

The average salary for a Lecturer is $68,484 per year. Professors make an average salary of $85,856 per year. The salaries of Lecturers and Professors can vary greatly depending on many factors such as experience, education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of hours worked.

Can a lecturer call themselves a professor?

In the United States, the title of professor is reserved for those who have been awarded a doctorate or have achieved a certain level of prominence in their field. Lecturers are typically teachers who have not yet achieved this level of distinction. In some cases, a lecturer may be used as an umbrella term that includes both professors and instructors.


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