A sunroof is typically made of metal or glass and can open, while a moonroof is a type of sunroof with a glass panel that may or may not open.

TL;DR Sunroof Vs. Moonroof

A sunroof typically refers to a panel made of either metal or glass that can be manually or automatically opened or closed. It is usually located on the roof of a vehicle and allows sunlight to enter the cabin. Sunroofs are often removable or retractable, providing drivers with the flexibility to adjust their exposure to the elements.

A moonroof usually consists of tinted glass panels that cannot be fully opened like a traditional sunroof. Instead, they provide an expansive view of the sky without allowing direct airflow into the cabin. Moonroofs are generally fixed in place and may come equipped with additional features such as electric shades or wind deflectors.

What is a sunroof?

picture of a sunroof

A sunroof is essentially a panel made of glass or transparent material installed in the roof of a vehicle. It can be manually operated or motorized, allowing you to open it partially or fully to let fresh air and sunlight flood into your car’s interior.

One of the main advantages of having a sunroof is its ability to enhance your driving experience by providing an open-air feel without completely exposing yourself to the elements. It allows natural light to brighten up your cabin while adding an extra touch of style and luxury.

Sunroofs come in various shapes and sizes – from pop-up roofs that tilt open at an angle, commonly found on older vehicles, to sliding roofs that retract back over the roofline using tracks. Some even have built-in shades or screens for added privacy and protection against excessive heat.

What is a moonroof?

picture of a moonroof

A moonroof is a type of automotive roof feature, usually constructed from glass, that allows natural light to enter the vehicle’s interior. Unlike a traditional sunroof, a moonroof often refers to a fixed or tilt-only glass panel integrated into the vehicle’s roof, which cannot be fully retracted like a sunroof.

Moonroofs are popular for their aesthetic and the feeling of openness they provide, offering a view of the sky and surroundings even when closed.

They come in various designs, including sliding or panoramic versions, enhancing the driving experience by creating a brighter and more spacious cabin ambiance.

Sunroof Vs. Moonroof – Key differences

MaterialCan be made of metal, glass, or compositeTypically made of glass
OperationCan be fully retracted or tilted openOften fixed or tilt-only, not fully retractable
TerminologyGenerally refers to a retractable roofSpecifically a glass roof feature
FunctionProvides natural light and fresh airPrimarily lets in natural light
VariationsVarious designs, including pop-up, sliding, and panoramicMostly fixed or tilt-only, may include sliding or panoramic variants
Weather resistanceGenerally sealed against weather elementsMay have improved seals for weather resistance
Aesthetic preferenceOften chosen for its practicality and ability to provide more ventilationChosen for its aesthetics and the feeling of openness it offers
PopularityCommon in many vehicle typesFound in premium or high-end vehicles


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