Caracals are much smaller than lynxes, and they have reddish-brown fur instead of the lynx’s characteristic grey fur. Caracals are more slender, with longer legs and shorter tails, while lynxes are stockier with shorter legs and longer tails.

The difference in appearance between caracal and lynx

Caracals are considerably smaller than lynxes, with an average body length of only about 2 feet. They also have longer legs and short tails. Their fur is short and reddish brown, with black spots on the tips of their ears.

Lynxes, on the other hand, are much larger animals, averaging around 3-4 feet in body length. They have shorter legs and long tails, and their fur is greyish-brown with black spots on the tips of their ears. Their most distinguishing feature is their long tufts of black hair that protrude from the sides of their faces.

Caracals prefer open, arid habitats like savannas and steppes while lynxes prefer dense forests. Caracals are found in Africa and the Middle East while lynx are found in North America and Europe. Caracals typically live alone or in pairs while lynxes live in small groups.

Caracals are more associated with people and often live near human settlements, while lynxes tend to be more solitary and shy away from people.

The difference in diet between caracals and lynxes

Caracals typically eat a wider variety of prey than lynxes. This includes small mammals, reptiles, birds, and even fish. Lynx, on the other hand, primarily subsist on smaller prey such as rodents and hares. In addition, caracal will scavenge for food more often than lynxes.

Caracals typically hunt during the day while lynxes are more active at night. This difference in hunting behaviour is likely due to the different types of prey each species goes after. Smaller mammals are more active during the day whereas larger rodents are more nocturnal in their habits.

How to tell caracals and lynxes apart

One way is by looking at the size of the cat. Caracals are about twice the size of a domestic cat, while lynxes are about the size of a bobcat. Another way to tell them apart is by looking at their tails. Caracals have long tails, while lynxes have short tufted tails. Finally, you can look at their ears. Caracals have short pointed ears, while lynxes have longer ear tufts.


Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

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