A page boy is a traditional role in weddings, assisting the bride, while a ring bearer specifically carries the wedding rings during the ceremony.

TL;DR Page boys Vs. Ring bearers

Page boys typically have more ceremonial responsibilities, such as carrying the bride’s train or holding a decorative cushion for the rings. They often wear formal attire that matches the wedding theme and can be of any age.

Ring bearers are usually younger boys who have the special task of bringing the rings down the aisle during the ceremony. They may wear miniature versions of groomsmen attire or outfits that complement those worn by other members of the wedding party.

Who is a page boy?

The term “page boy” traditionally refers to a young boy who plays a role in formal ceremonies, particularly weddings. Page boys are typically between the ages of 4 and 8, chosen for their cuteness and ability to carry out specific tasks during the event.

Page boys often have important duties such as carrying the bride’s train, holding the rings or flowers, or walking down the aisle before the bride. They add an adorable touch to any wedding procession and bring joy to all those present.

In addition to their ceremonial responsibilities, page boys can also assist with other practical tasks such as distributing programs or escorting elderly guests. Their presence adds an element of innocence and charm that enhances the overall ambiance of the occasion.

Being selected as a page boy is considered an honor for young boys, as they get to be part of something meaningful and memorable. It gives them a sense of importance and allows them to participate actively in one of life’s most cherished celebrations.

Who is a ring barer?

picture of a ring barer

The role of a ring bearer in weddings has been around for centuries, adding charm and innocence to the ceremony. Typically, a ring bearer is a young boy between the ages of 4 and 10 who plays an essential part in the wedding procession.

The primary responsibility of a ring bearer is to carry the wedding rings down the aisle during the ceremony. This symbolic act represents the commitment and union that will take place between the couple exchanging vows. It signifies their eternal love and bond.

In addition to carrying the rings, a ring bearer often walks alongside or follows behind the flower girl, who scatters petals along the path. Together, they create an adorable scene as they make their way toward center stage.

Ring bearers typically focus solely on their task of delivering those precious rings safely into capable hands.

It’s important to note that anyone can be chosen as a ring bearer – whether it’s a family member or close friend of either gender. The role isn’t limited to just boys anymore; girls can also fulfill this duty if they wish!

Page boys Vs. Ring bearers – Key differences

CriteriaPage BoyRing Bearer
RoleAssists the bride, often in ceremonial tasksCarries and presents the wedding rings
AttireTypically dressed in formal or ceremonial attireDressed in formal attire, often similar to the groom
Traditional SignificanceHistorical role with various ceremonial dutiesModern role focused on ring presentation
ResponsibilitiesMay carry the bride's train or hold a bouquetPrimarily responsible for the wedding rings
Age RangeGenerally younger male attendantsTypically a young boy, similar age range
Cultural VariationsPresence may vary across cultures and traditionsA common and recognized role in many cultures
Ceremony InvolvementInvolved in various ceremonial aspectsCentrally involved in the ring exchange

Outfits and Attire for Page Boys and Ring Bearers

Page Boy Attire:

Suit or Tuxedo:

Page boys often wear a scaled-down version of a formal suit or tuxedo, matching the groom or bridal party.


A crisp, formal shirt usually in white or a coordinating color.

Bow Tie or Necktie:

A bow tie or necktie that complements the color scheme of the wedding.


Formal shoes, such as dress shoes or loafers, in a style that complements the overall look.


Optional accessories may include suspenders, a vest, or a pocket square.


Hair is often styled neatly to suit the formal occasion.

Ring Bearer Attire:

Suit or Tuxedo:

Similar to page boys, ring bearers wear a mini version of a formal suit or tuxedo.


A formal shirt, usually in white or a coordinating color to match the overall theme.

Bow Tie or Necktie:

A small bow tie or necktie that complements the color palette of the wedding.


Formal shoes that match the overall attire, such as tiny dress shoes.

Ring Pillow:

Carries a decorative pillow to hold and present the wedding rings during the ceremony.


Accessories like cufflinks, suspenders, or a pocket square can add a touch of style.


Hair is typically styled neatly, and head accessories like a small hat or flower crown may be added for a charming touch.

The specific attire can vary based on the wedding theme, color scheme, and cultural preferences. It’s essential to coordinate the outfits to create a cohesive and visually appealing look for the entire bridal party.


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