Compulsory and mandatory both mean required, but compulsory often implies a rule or law, while mandatory can refer to a formal obligation.

TL;DR Compulsory Vs. Mandatory

Compulsory refers to something that is required by a specific authority or governing body, leaving no room for choice or alternative options. On the other hand, mandatory suggests an obligation based on a set of rules or regulations.

What is compulsory?

picture of a person fastening his seat belt which may be compulsory

Compulsory refers to something that is required or obligatory. It implies that there is a rule, regulation, or law in place that mandates the action or behavior. When something is compulsory, it means you must do it without any exceptions.

The concept of compulsion revolves around the idea of having no choice but to adhere to certain rules and regulations. Whether it’s through legal obligations or organizational policies.

What is mandatory?

When something is described as mandatory, it means that it is required by law or rule. It is non-negotiable and must be followed or completed without exception. Mandatory actions are typically imposed to ensure compliance and maintain order in various settings.

Compulsory Vs. Mandatory – Key differences

MeaningRequired by a law, rule, or authorityObligatory, imposed by necessity or policy
ImplicationEmphasizes a legal or authoritative aspectEmphasizes an obligatory or necessary aspect
UsageOften used in legal and formal contextsUsed in various contexts
SynonymsObligatory, mandatory, requiredObligatory, necessary, essential

Examples of compulsory and mandatory

Examples of Compulsory

  • Compulsory education laws require all children to attend school until a certain age.
  • Wearing seat belts in cars is compulsory in many countries to ensure safety.
  • Military service may be compulsory in some countries during times of conscription.

Examples of Mandatory

  • It is mandatory for all employees to undergo safety training before starting work.
  • The company has a mandatory retirement policy at age 65.
  • Filing income tax returns is mandatory for individuals earning above a certain income threshold.

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