Tracksuit bottoms are often loose-fitting, with elastic cuffs. Joggers are more tapered and fitted, with elastic cuffs, emphasizing a sporty and modern style.

Tracksuit bottoms

picture of a tracksuit bottom

Tracksuit bottoms, also known as track pants or sweatpants, are athletic-style trousers typically made of soft, comfortable fabric like cotton or fleece. They feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring for an adjustable fit.

The design often includes elastic cuffs at the ankles, allowing for a secure fit and preventing interference during physical activities. Tracksuit bottoms provide a relaxed and loose fit, promoting comfort and ease of movement.

They are a casual wardrobe staple, suitable for various activities such as sports, workouts, or casual wear. Tracksuit bottoms are commonly paired with sweatshirts or hoodies to complete a tracksuit ensemble, offering both functionality and a laid-back, sporty aesthetic.


picture of man with joggers

Joggers are modern, casual pants characterized by a more fitted and tapered design compared to traditional tracksuit bottoms.

Typically made of comfortable and stretchy materials like cotton or blends, joggers feature an elasticized waistband with a drawstring for a secure fit. They are known for their cuffed ankles, providing a stylish and athletic silhouette.

Joggers blend functionality with fashion, making them versatile for various settings, from workouts to casual outings. The design caters to contemporary trends, offering a comfortable and tailored alternative to looser-fitting tracksuit bottoms. Joggers have become a popular choice for both athletic activities and everyday wear.

Tracksuit bottoms Vs. Joggers – Key differences

CriteriaTracksuit BottomsJoggers
Fit and StyleTypically loose fit, relaxed styleMore fitted and tapered silhouette
Ankle DesignElastic cuffs at the ankles for a loose fitElastic cuffs for a snug fit, tapered look
MaterialOften made of cotton, fleece, or breathable fabricsCan be made of various materials, including cotton blends, providing stretch and comfort
WaistbandElastic waistband with a drawstring for an adjustable fitElasticized waistband with a drawstring, emphasizing a comfortable yet tailored fit
VersatilityCasual and comfortable, suitable for lounging and sportsStylish and versatile, suitable for casual outings and athleisure wear
Fashion FocusEmphasis on comfort and ease of movementBlends functionality with a more fashionable and contemporary design
Athletic AssociationsOften associated with traditional sports and athletic activitiesSeamlessly transitions between athletic and casual wear, aligning with modern trends
Common PairingPaired with matching sweatshirts or hoodies to complete a tracksuit ensembleOften worn with a variety of tops, including T-shirts, hoodies, or stylish jackets
Popular SettingCommonly worn during sports activities, workouts, or casual loungingSuitable for various settings, from casual outings to athleisure fashion
Overall AestheticCasual and laid-back, with a focus on comfortMore modern and stylish, catering to contemporary fashion trends
Fit AdjustmentLoose fit, providing more room for movementFitted and tailored, offering a more streamlined appearance

Tracksuit bottoms Vs. Joggers – Usage and Functionality

Tracksuit Bottoms:

  • Usage: Traditionally associated with sports and athletic activities, providing a loose and comfortable fit for ease of movement during workouts or casual lounging.
  • Functionality: Emphasizes comfort, making them ideal for activities where a relaxed fit is preferred, such as jogging, stretching, or casual wear.
  • Setting: Often worn as part of a matching tracksuit ensemble for a coordinated look during sports events or as cozy loungewear.


  • Usage: Versatile and modern, suitable for various settings including casual outings, athleisure wear, or even semi-casual occasions.
  • Functionality: Blends functionality with style, offering a more tailored fit and contemporary design, making them suitable for both athletic activities and fashion-forward looks.
  • Setting: Seamlessly transitions from workouts to casual outings, providing a stylish alternative to traditional tracksuit bottoms.

Choosing the Right One for You

Choosing between tracksuit bottoms and joggers depends on your preferences, activities, and style:

Choose Tracksuit Bottoms if:

  1. You prioritize a loose and relaxed fit for comfort during workouts or casual lounging.
  2. Traditional athletic wear aligns with your preferred style.
  3. You plan to wear them as part of a coordinated tracksuit ensemble for sports events or casual days.

Choose Joggers if:

  1. You prefer a more fitted and contemporary silhouette for a modern look.
  2. Versatility is essential, as joggers seamlessly transition from workouts to casual outings.
  3. You want a stylish alternative that pairs well with various tops and can be part of an athleisure wardrobe.

Consider your style preferences, the intended use, and the overall aesthetic you desire to make the right choice between tracksuit bottoms and joggers.


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