Arise is used when something comes up or happens unexpectedly, whereas rise is used when something gradually gets better or worse

Differentiating “Arise” from “Rise”

When you rise, you get up from a lying down or sitting position. When you arise, you come into existence or appear. So, if you overslept and your alarm didn’t go off, you might say “I must arise early tomorrow” to not be late for work. Likewise, if there’s been a natural disaster and people are without food or shelter, we might say “aid must arise quickly.”

The definition of rise

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Picture of balloons rising in the sky

Arise means “to come up from a lower place or position,” while rise means “to move upward.”

Here is an example to help you understand the difference:
-The sun rises in the east. (correct)
-The sun arises in the east. (incorrect)

In the above example, Rise is the correct verb to use because it refers to the sun moving upward.

Here are few some examples:
-The sun rises in the east. (Rises is used here because it is referring to the sun moving up from the horizon.)
-After he slept for eight hours, he arose feeling well-rested. (Arises is used here because it is referring to the person coming up from a lying down position.)
-When I arrived at the party, the music was already playing and people were dancing.
-After the meeting, we all got up and left the room.
-I think it’s time we got up and did something about this problem.
-I don’t know how that painting got up on the ceiling!

The definition of arise

Both rise and arise can be used as verbs meaning “to come up” or “to emerge,” but “arise” is usually used in reference to something coming up from a lower position, while “rise” typically refers to something moving upwards. For example, you might say that “the sun rises in the east and sets in the west,” or that “a plant arises from the ground.”

Here are a few more examples of how these two words can be used:
-The crowd began to grow restless and several people started to arise from their seats.
-After being asleep for hours, I slowly rose from my bed.
-A small fire had arisen in the kitchen and we quickly put it out.
-As the economy improves, we hope that wages will start to rise.

So, to sum it all up, if you want to talk about something moving upwards, “rise” is probably the better word to use. If you want to refer to something coming up from a lower position “Arise” is appropriate




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