A compatriot is someone who shares your nationality or race, while a friend is someone you have chosen to be close to, regardless of any shared characteristics.

The Definition of a Friend

There are many different types of friends, but what defines a friend? A friend is someone who cares about you and your well-being. They will be there for you during the good times and the bad times. They are someone you can rely on and trust. Friendships are built on mutual respect and understanding. A friend is someone you can be yourself around without judgement. You can share your deepest secrets with them and know that they will keep them safe. A friend is someone who makes you laugh when you’re feeling down. They are a shoulder to cry on when you need them. A friend is someone who will help you when you need it, and expect nothing in return.

The Definition of a Compatriot

A compatriot is someone who shares your nationality or country of origin. In other words, a compatriot is someone from your homeland. The word can also be used to describe someone with whom you have a close affinity, even if you don’t share the same nationality.

The word “compatriot” comes from the Latin com- (together) and patria (fatherland), which was originally used to describe Roman citizens living in the same city or state. The word has since been adopted by many languages and cultures.

In today’s globalized world, the concept of patriotism has taken on new meaning. With people moving around the world more than ever before, it’s not uncommon for people to have multiple nationalities or to feel like they have more than one home. In such cases, the term “compatriot” can be used to describe someone who shares your values and worldview, regardless of where they were born or what passport they hold.

A Friend and a Compatriot – The Difference

A compatriot is someone who shares your nationality. Nationality can be defined as “the quality or state of belonging to a particular nation.” A compatriot, then, is someone who belongs to the same nation as you. You may not know them personally, but you share a common bond in that you are both citizens of the same country.

A friend is someone you have a close relationship with. The word “friend” can refer to someone you know well and consider to be part of your inner circle, or it can simply refer to someone you have a positive association with. Friends are typically people we choose to associate with, while compatriots are those with whom we share a nationality (and often little else).

Compatriots are typically people who share your nationality or culture. Friends can come from any walk of life. Friends also tend to be people who you can rely on and who will support you in times of need. They’re usually people who you share a deep connection with. Compatriots can certainly be supportive, but there may not be the same level of intensity in the relationship as friends. Finally, friends often have similar values and beliefs to you. This means that you’re more likely to see eye-to-eye on important issues than with compatriots.


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