Cheroots are typically shorter and thinner than regular cigars, and they have an open end that is not capped. Regular cigars are longer and thicker than cheroots, and they have a closed end that is capped.


A cheroot is a cigar that is typically shorter and thinner than a traditional cigar. They are also usually tapered at both ends, which gives them a cylindrical shape. Cheroots originated in India and were originally made by hand from tobacco leaves that were rolled up into a tube.

Cheroots are still made by hand in some places, but they are also mass-produced using machines. The tobacco for cheroots is typically a blend of different tobaccos, which gives them a unique flavour. Cheroots are smoked in the same way as cigars, by lighting one end and drawing the smoke through the lit end.

They originate from South Asia and are commonly smoked in India and Sri Lanka.


A cigar is a tightly rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves, wrapped in a tobacco leaf or paper for smoking. They are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cigars often have a tapered or curved shape and are filled with tobacco leaves along with a binding agent

Cheroot vs. Cigar

Cheroots are typically shorter and thinner than cigars. They also have an open end, which allows for easy smoking.

Cigars, on the other hand, are usually longer and thicker than cheroots. They also have a closed-end, which can make them more difficult to smoke.

In terms of taste, cheroots tend to be milder than cigars. This is because they are made with less tobacco. Cigars, on the other hand, often have a stronger flavour since they contain more tobacco.

Finally, cheroots are typically cheaper than cigars. This is because they require less tobacco to make.

Is it bad to smoke a cigar or cheroot?

Smoking cigars and cheroots have been linked to various health issues, including cancer, lung disease, and heart disease. There are also risks associated with secondhand smoke exposure.

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