What is the difference between backstroke and freestyle

The backstroke is swum on your back, while the freestyle is swum on your stomach. The main difference between the two strokes is the position of your arms and legs. In backstroke, your arms move together in a synchronous motion while your legs kick alternatively. Freestyle, on the other hand, involves a flutter kick with your arms moving independently from each other.

What is backstroke?

Backstroke is one of the four main strokes in swimming. It is swum on the back and is considered to be the reverse of freestyle. In backstroke, the swimmer’s arms move in a semicircular motion and the legs perform a flutter kick. Backstroke is generally considered to be easier than freestyle because you do not have to turn your head to breathe and you can rest your arms on the water while you kick.

What is freestyle?

Freestyle is a swimming stroke that is often used in competitive swimming. It is considered the fastest of the four major strokes and is often used in distance events. Freestyle is characterized by a flutter kick and a windmill arm motion.

Which is faster backstroke or freestyle?

The debate between backstroke and freestyle has raged on for years, with both swimmers and coaches arguing over which is the faster stroke. While many factors contribute to swimming speed, such as technique and fitness level, the consensus is that freestyle is faster than backstroke. This is because freestyle allows swimmers to generate more power with each stroke, and the more powerful strokes result in a higher average speed.

Which is easier backstroke or freestyle?

The freestyle stroke is not as easy to pick up as the breaststroke. The freestyle requires proper coordination, of breathing and swimming, to be used effectively. And, you have to know how to hold your breath because you will be submerged in the water for a large portion of your swim.

Can you swim backstroke in a freestyle race?

No, you cannot swim backstroke in a freestyle race. The two strokes are different and require different techniques. Backstroke is a stroke that is swum on your back, while freestyle is a stroke that is swum on your stomach.


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