What is the difference between computation and calculation

Calculation is the process of solving problems using arithmetic, while computation is the use of algorithms to solve problems. In simple terms, a calculation is working out the answer to a problem by hand, while computation is using a machine or computer to do the same thing.

What is computation?

Computation is the process of using a computer to perform a task, such as solving a mathematical problem.

Computations are usually faster and more accurate than calculations since computers can store and retrieve data much faster than humans can. In addition, computers can perform complex operations, such as those involving large numbers or difficult equations, much more quickly than people can. For these reasons, computation has become an essential tool in many fields, from science and engineering to finance and marketing.

What is a calculation?

A calculation, on the other hand, is the process of solving a problem by hand, without the aid of a computer.

Calculations are usually done with the help of mathematical formulas, which are sets of rules that can be applied to certain data to get the desired outcome. These formulas can be simple or complex, depending on the nature of the calculation being performed. In many cases, calculations are done by hand, using pencil and paper. However, more complex calculations may require the use of computers or other specialized tools.

The word “calculation” is derived from the Latin word “calculus,” which means “pebble.” This likely refers to the ancient practice of using pebbles or stones to keep track of numbers while performing calculations.

What is the purpose of computation?

Computation is the process of applying a set of rules to input data to generate output data. This output data can be in the form of numbers, text, images, or anything else that can be represented electronically.

Calculation, on the other hand, is the process of determining the numerical value of something. This can be done by hand or with the help of a calculator, but it generally doesn’t involve applying a set of rules to input data.

Why do we use computation?

Computation is the process of using an algorithm to solve a problem. A calculation is a specific type of computation that includes arithmetic operations. We use computation because it is an efficient way to solve problems. With computation, we can quickly find solutions to complex problems that would be difficult or impossible to solve by hand.

Computation is usually faster and more accurate than calculation, as it can be done by machines that have been specifically designed for the task. So, when you ask your calculator to work out a complex equation, it is doing a computation. When you sit down with a pencil and paper and work out the answer to a problem yourself, you are doing a calculation.


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