Colloquialism is the style of linguistics used in casual or informal communication. Slang, on the other hand, is an informal language that is used by a particular group of people and is often not understood by others.

What is Colloquial Language?

Colloquial language is a type of language that is used in informal situations. It is often used in conversations between friends or family members. Colloquial language can also be found in books, TV shows, and movies that are meant to be realistic.

What is Slang?

Slang is a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are considered to be informal or non-standard. Slang is often used by people who are in a particular group or subculture, such as teenagers or criminals. Slang words and phrases are often used in informal situations.

Colloquial Vs. Slang – The difference

Colloquial language is an informal language that is used in everyday conversation, while slang is a more casual form of speech that includes new words or phrases that are not yet part of standard language.

Slang tends to be more short-lived than colloquialisms, as it is constantly evolving to stay current with popular culture. Colloquialisms, on the other hand, are more likely to become part of standard language over time.

Both colloquial and slang expressions can be found in all areas of life, from the home to the workplace. In general, however, colloquialisms are more appropriate for casual conversations, while slang is better suited for more informal settings.

Examples of slang words and phrases

– Cool
– Sick
– dope
– tight
– popular culture references (e.g. “OMG”)

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