Carpenters focus on constructing and repairing structures, such as buildings and frameworks. Joiners specialize in crafting wooden components that fit together seamlessly to create furniture and other interior fittings.

TL;DR Carpenter Vs. Joiner

A carpenter works on construction sites and handles overall building tasks, including structural elements, installation, and repairs.

A joiner specializes in crafting wooden components and creating seamless joints without metal fasteners to make furniture, doors, windows, and other bespoke items in a workshop setting.

What is a carpenter?

picture of a carpenter

A carpenter is a skilled tradesperson who works with wood and other materials to construct, repair, and renovate buildings, furniture, and various wooden structures.

Carpenters have been essential to construction and woodworking for centuries, and their expertise ranges from basic tasks such as framing and finishing to more intricate work like cabinetry and custom furniture making.

What is a joiner?

picture of a joiner at work

A Joiner is a skilled craftsman who specializes in creating wooden items by joining pieces of wood together without relying on metal fasteners, screws, or nails.

Joiners use various woodworking techniques such as dovetail joints, mortise and tenon joints, tongue and groove joints, and others to create strong and durable connections between wooden pieces.

Carpenter Vs. Joiner – Key differences

A joiner is a skilled craftsman or tradesperson who specializes in creating and assembling wooden components to construct various structures, furniture, and fittings. While both carpenters and joiners work with wood, there is a distinction in their roles and areas of expertise.

The primary difference between a carpenter and a joiner lies in the type of work they perform:


Carpenters work on-site and are involved in the construction and installation of wooden structures in buildings. They handle tasks like framing, roofing, flooring, and installing doors and windows.

Carpenters usually work with a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and concrete, and are involved in the overall building process.


Joiners work in workshops or factories rather than on construction sites. They focus on creating the individual components and joinery of wooden items, such as doors, windows, staircases, cabinets, and furniture.

Joiners are highly skilled in precise measurements, cutting, shaping, and assembling wood to create finished products.

In essence, a joiner’s work is more specialized and revolves around crafting specific wooden pieces that are later assembled by carpenters on-site.

Both carpenters and joiners are vital to the woodworking industry and often collaborate to produce high-quality wooden structures and furniture.

In some regions, the distinction between carpenters and joiners may be less clear, and the terms might be used interchangeably.

What do Joiners Vs. Carpenters make?

FurnitureStructural elements in buildings (framing, etc.)
Doors and WindowsInstallation of doors, windows, and frames
StaircasesFlooring and roofing
CabinetryStructural repairs and renovations
Architectural JoineryFormwork for concrete
Bespoke JoineryInterior and exterior trim (moldings, etc.)
Wooden Panels and CladdingBuilding and installing wooden structures
Framing and MoldingInstallation of wooden fixtures and fittings
Shop FittingsHandrails, balustrades, and staircases
Conservatories and OrangeriesOutdoor structures (pergolas, gazebos, etc.)
Exterior JoineryOutdoor decking and siding


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